Tampa Bay Lakeland Orlando Pet Photo Sessions

  I love photographing Pets, especially dogs and I have the patience it takes to capture images you will treasure for a lifetime!

I can photograph your pet at parks, downtown areas,  or come to your  home.   I can also do studio style sessions with a variety of backgrounds.   This is a traveling studio which can be set up in your garage or a large room in your home.

My photo packages all include fully edited/retouched High Resolution photo files large enough for you to have printed on your own up to 11x14". You can also order professional quality prints from me via your final gallery. Large poster size plus print products I prefer to be ordered through me to assure the best quality.         

    Check out more of my pet photos in my Pet Gallery.

Keep scrolling for more information on pricing and different kinds of shoots!

Environmental Sessions From $275

(1-2 pets Additional Pets +$50 each(you'll get 5 additional files)

           I will photograph your pet running, playing and just being themselves.  I also make it a goal to get a fantastic portrait of you with your pet if you desire it. These sessions are best done at a place where the pet can be leash free at least part of the time. A long leash works as well as it can usually be easily edited out. I can come to your home or meet at a park. At your home we can take photos both inside and outside as desired.

           Packages include fully edited/retouched High Resolution photo files.  You will also get some alternative Black and White/Artistic filter versions of your favorites at no extra cost! The files I give you are large enough for you to print on your own up to 11x14". You can also purchase professional quality prints that benefit me via your final gallery that will have a shopping cart icon. If you want something extra large, a collage etc. I will create those for you for a fair price. 

Session Price determined by how many final Print Resolution Photos you want. I will send you link to view gallery of best images on my site.  Your choices are fully edited and retouched to look amazing. These prices are 'general' they may be a little more if I have to drive more than 35 minutes to you.   

$275- 60-90 minute shoot  20 Edited Print Resolution* Files

$325-60-90 Minute Shoot 25 Edited Print Resolution Files  


$550-60-90 minutes session and ALL the photos from your gallery (40+)                                                 

You can choose a smaller package and upgrade to a larger one once you see your gallery, or buy just a few extra files. 

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In Home Studio Sessions


-For these sessions, I bring my lights and backgrounds to you along with a few basic props. They can be done in a room in your home-out on a Lanai in nice weather etc. They generally take 2-2.5 hours as It takes extra time to set up/tear down and it is usually challenging to get pets to stay in one place as is required here. If you know your pet will absolutely not stay still, I do not recommend this package. I am very patient though and am usually able to get great photos of most pets even if it takes awhile-its worth it!

Studio Pet Photo Package Includes

2-2.5 hour Photo ShootAt least 3 different backgrounds-Your favorite 25 Fully Retouched High Resolution Photo Files-Alternate BW/Vintage/Fun effects added versions of 10+ of your favorites!

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Pet 'Parties'

I am available to take photos at Pet Birthday Parties as well!

Price depends on how many hours you need me, location and if you want me to bring a backdrop etc. 

Pet Businesses

I have worked with several Doggie Day Cares and would love to also work with you! Christmas photos with Santa, Halloween portraits etc. 

   Contact me for details!