Below is my list of prices for Professional Photo Prints, and
Ready to Hang Items. Be aware most of my photos (unless square cropped)
are cropped at the same ratio they come out of my camera and will look as is
at 4x6", 8x12" etc. 5x7"'s only require a slight crop which isn't usually
noticeable but 8x10"s and 11x14" need about 2" cropped off sometimes
that is okay sometimes it ruins the image-I can 'shrink' the image down with a matching border in these cases. 8x12" frames are available and a really nice size.
Also note that in most cases frames/matting cover up about 1/4" around the border of the photo. If there is not much 'dead space' on the photo I will put a 1/4" border
on the photo for you so it is displayed the way you want it!
The photo paper I use is beautiful. I recently found a company that does beautiful canvas wraps at great prices for photographers and so have been able to lower my prices on them!  I have recently found a site that prints photos
onto ceramic tiles-they can be done as small magnets or in a variety of sizes and look really nice. Greeting cards, posters etc can also be created as well as print collages of your favorite photos. Hope to add more info on these things here soon but contact me directly if you are interested in something specific!

Print/Product Price List

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