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      I started Stephaniellen Photography in 2010 after earning a degree in Digital Photography from IADT Tampa in 2010. Earning the degree  gave me a good foundation but I have learned the most by practicing and doing every kind of photography job I could get! I now LOVE the variety of work that I do! I love creating gorgeous portraits of people, pets have my heart and I get to meet a wide variety of interesting people through my Corporate and Private event work.   I spent the first part of my life in the Baltimore/Annapolis area in Retail Management before moving to Tampa in 2008. I have found many of management/customer service skills have helped me a lot in photography as well!

    I Am friendly, honest, creative, spiritual, curious, intelligent and determined. I work continuously to improve my skills in all types of photography. I love meeting new people and enjoy getting to know my clients. I am in awe of nature and wildlife photography is the way I relax. In addition to photography I enjoy reading, meditation/yoga, exploring new places and quality conversations with friends.  

The best way to contact me is via email: stephaniellen11@gmail.com. Prices for basic packages can be found via the menu. Events vary depending on hours and other details. 

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