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        Here are descriptions of my most common Portrait packages.

I am happy to create a custom package for you if you are looking for somethng a little different.  Prices not only include the time we spend planning your session and the session itself, they also include all of the time I spend uploading sorting and especially editing the photos as well as creating your gallery and cd. I upload 'proofs' from our session to a private online gallery but am also happy to meet with you to go over the results and help you choose prints. I take a wide variety of photos during my sessions with several different backgrounds. I seek to give you a variety of beautiful images and then individually edit the best ones. I am now including a custom designed Facebook Timeline Banner featuring your favorite images in all packages! The only catch is my website must appear on the bottom to help promote me!

In addition to environmental sessions I now have the ability to bring my 'mobile studio' to you!  If you have a garage or larger sized room I can bring my lights and backdrop to you. Let me know if this is something you are interested in. This is the best option if you need a plain background and also works well for babies and pets.  Email Me with any questions and we can set up a time to talk about your photo shoot! Stephaniellen11@gmail.com



  I take a wide variety of shots during these sessions and professionally edit/retouch the photos of your choice often using a variety of filters to give them an artistic touch. These sessions are for people looking for 15+ final photos with full editing included. It is generally for 1 -2 people. More than that is considered a Family session.


 -In person consultation to get acquainted and plan out our session! The better we plan the better the images!

 -90 Minute-2 hour session at location of your choice in the Tampa/St.Pete or Orlando areas. My family lives in Orlando so when I have work there I stay with them.

 -Private online gallery of proofs with basic edits (60+) from which you may choose 20 to be fully edited/retouched. I often enhance them with various filters and turn some images black/white or sepia. Includes skin smoothing/wrinkle removal/reduction etc.

 -The 20 photos of your choice WEB RESOLUTION on cd-these files are good for display on your computer and your phone etc but are not Full Resolution/Suitable for Printing.  You may purchase printed products from me separately or upgrade to HIGH RESOLUTION files so that you may have prints made yourself. ADDITIONAL edited LOW-RES files $12 each 5/$50 UPGRADE your 15 files to HIGH RESOLUTION: additional $150 (total package $350) Upgrade individual files to High Res for $25 each.  Many photographers include no finished files of any kind in their initial session prices!

-$25 CREDIT towards print products (prints/canvas wraps, jewelry etc)

-Custom Designed Facebook Timeline Banner using your favorite photos. Design is at discretion of photographer. This is a bonus  I include with my sessions-your friends will see your amazing photos every time they click your profile!

-My favorite images from the shoot featured in a post on my blog.


$299-Families of 3-5 People-ask for price on larger groups

    My $299 package includes

-In person planning session at local Starbucks/Panera

-2 hour photo shoot at location of your choice in Tampa Bay

-Private web gallery of proofs with basic edits (50+)

-Your favorite 30 web-resolution images fully retouched on cd.

-Custom Designed Face Book Banner image

-$25 Credit towards Prints products.

Contact me for more details! We can plan out a fun and unique shoot where we can capture a wide variety of amazing images! *Price for package including 30  PRINT/HIGH Res photos and rights to print $500

Contact: Stephaniellen11@gmail.com



These are shorter sessions for those simply looking for a few images for a business card/LinkedIn Profile etc. Includes: 1 hour session in Tampa Bay area -Private gallery of 20+images to choose from -Your favorite 5 images fully edited given to you as both email and print resolution files! View Gallery of Headshots                        Contact: Stephaniellen11@gmail.com

Newborn/Baby Portraits

Portraits in the comfort of your own home!

I am now offering studio style baby portraits at my clients homes. I will bring my lights, backdrops and props to you! If you have a decent size living/dining room that works fine.

-These sessions usually end up lasting 2-2.5 hours to allow for baby getting upset/needing to be changed etc. I am happy to talk to you about all the details before the shoot. I arrive 30 minutes early to set everything up.


-2-2.5 hour photo session in your home

-gallery of proofs

-your favorite 20 images fully edited-given to you as web view resolution files. Purchase print products separately or upgrade your files to High/Print Resolution for +$175 making total $425

-Facebook Banner collage of best images

$25 credit towards prints/birth announcements etc.

**Limited Time only I am including 1-8x10 or 2 5x7" prints with this package!

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