Pet Photography -

Pet Photo Sessions

  I love photographing pets of all kinds and I have the patience it takes to capture images you will treasure for a lifetime.  I can do both environmental sessions where your pet is free to run and be posed with beautiful backdrops  AND Studio style sessions with a variety of backgrounds and props. This is a traveling studio which can be set up in your garage or a large room in your home. You will find examples of both types of sessions in my pet gallery.      I have a working relationships with Groovy Cats and Dogs in Carrolwood, South Tampa Puppy Palace , and Central Bark Doggie Daycare in Tampa. I am always looking to link up with other pet based businesses and rescues!

    Check out more of my pet photos in my Pet Gallery

Stephaniellen Photography, Tampa Florida

Stephaniellen Photography, Tampa Florida

Environmental Sessions $175 (+$25 each additional pet)

           I will photograph your pet running, playing and sitting still (hopefully) as well. I also make it a goal to get a fantastic portrait of you with your pet if you desire it. These sessions are best done at a place where the pet can be leash free at least part of the time.

$175 Includes-

-In person consultation/planning session at local Starbucks/Panera (If desired)

-90 Minute-session at location of your choice Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater or Orlando

-Private online gallery of proofs (50+) with basic edits from which you may choose 20 to be fully edited/retouched. I often enhance them with various filters and turn some images black/white or sepia. -These are WEB RESOLUTION  files -good for display on your computer and your phone etc but are not print quality. There are many photographers who charge separately from the session fee for any edited files.

-Facebook Banner profile collage of your favorite images to post at the top of your Profile Page!

- You may purchases printed products from me separately or upgrade to HIGH RESOLUTION files so that you may have prints made yourself. Cost to upgrade this package $125 Total price $300

ADDITIONAL edited LOW-RES files $12 each

-My print product prices are reasonable and are of the highest quality. I highly recommend a large canvas wrap of your favorite image to decorate your home!

In Home Studio Sessions


-These sessions cost more because of the extra time it takes me to set up and break down my portable studio. I have a variety of backdrops and props to use during these sessions. These sessions work best with dogs who are good about staying in one place. Same package as above.

Pet 'Parties'

If  the price of an individual session is too much for you I can do shorter sessions with less final photos for groups of people and their pets. Gather 3-5  friends with their pets and I can meet you for 30 minute session, $60 each. You will be able to chose 5 photos from these sessions you will get fully edited as web resolution files and a $15 credit towards print products. These 'Parties' can be done at a home or local dog park.Mini Studio Sessions I take photos at Groovy Cats and Dogs in Carrollwood several times a year including Christmas. I have also come up with custom packages and done these sessions at Pet Day Cares and apartment communities as part of Pet day. If you own/manage a pet business/day care in the Tampa Bay or Orlando are and are interested in arranging photo sessions for your customers please contact me and we can put together a package.

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